The card is designed to provide KAY Jewelers with flexible plans for purchasing high-value items in-store. There are currently four financing plans with payback periods based on your minimum purchase amounts: 6 months for purchases over $300, 12 months for purchases over $750, 18 months for purchases over $3,000, and 36 months for purchases over $1,500.Kay-Jewelers-Credit-CardCardholders will not pay interest on the 6, 12, and 18-month finance plans if the stock plan balance is paid in full during the action period. However, when this is not the case, the consequence of this funding delay can be dangerous as it is not a 0% APR. After the promotional period ends, your account will be charged interest from the date of purchase if you fail to pay the remaining plan balance. This is something to avoid, as the APR on the Kay Jewelers Credit Card is 29.99%.

Kay’s Credit Card Benefits

If you like shopping at Kay Jewelers, this retail card might be a good choice for you. It offers many advantages for frequent buyers.

  • You can finance large jewelry purchases with little or no interest as long as you can pay the balance within the promotional period.
  • The LIVE LONG LOVE card offers unique benefits for birthdays and anniversaries and regular sweepstakes for eligible cardholders.
  • Depending on how much credit you want for the business, you may not need to have an excellent credit history to be approved.

Getting a Kay Jewelers Credit Card

You can apply for and pre-qualify a Kay Jewelers credit card online or in-store. While you don’t need current credit to qualify for this card, it’s essential to consider your credit history before applying for a new credit card. First, good credit usually helps you get a lower interest rate. Also, like any credit card application, your Kay Jewelers credit card application may result in a lengthy application that could affect your score, preventing you from applying if you do not qualify.